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This site, formerly known as, was created to publicize the Livermore Peace Monument and how it came to be a reality. Now called, the site includes images representing other peace-inspired arts.

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Livermore Peace Monument

About 20 years ago, I had the privilege of helping to create a peace monument in Livermore California. It was inspired by a letter dictated by Leon Smith on his deathbed.

The letter was printed in the Independent Newspaper and was also taken to Mayor Dale Turner, by Blanche Smith, Leon's widow. Mayor Turner was moved to set up a committee for a peace monument in Livermore.

Don Homan, a local sculptor, donated his time and talent to give us a beautiful work of public art dedicated to peace. In these troubled times, Leon's eloquence will hopefully inspire people all over the world to erect monuments to peace. Celia Menczel

The following letter, written by the late Leon Smith, inspired the Livermore City Council
to form the Livermore Peace Monument Committee.

Dear Editor,


In thousands of city squares throughout the country there are monuments to war. There are generals on

their horses, with sabers in their hands, urging men to give up their lives. There are thousands of canons,

waiting to be fired. This indicates one thrust of thinking in the United States. Instead, there should be

monuments to peace so that everybody realizes what our true objectives should be. These are not the

thoughts of a wide-eyed radical. I worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab for 17 years. While I came here

to work on Project Plowshare, a program for putting atomic energy to peaceful uses; when it ran out of

funds, I worked on the design of nuclear weapons. I have never disagreed with the objective of self-defense.

What I do disagree with is the continual push for overkill capacity. Knowing that the U.S. can wipe out

every person on earth ten times over does not make me feel more secure. I urge the residents of this city to

give serious thought to their city square and to their aims in life, and erect a monument to peace, not war.



Leon Smith
Livermore, California

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Don Homan, sculptor, presents a replica of the peace monument to
Livermore's sister city Yotsukaido Japan.

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